Hermina Athens was founded in 2011 by Konstantina Pantelous. The name Hermina is inspired by her daughter’s name, but this also derives from the female equivalent of ‘Hermes’, the Ancient Greek God. Ever since she was a child she was enticed and absorbed by jewellery. Circumstances led her to adopt another profession for 16 years, but she used sketching jewellery as a way to express herself creatively. She began designing jewellery based on individual pieces she would wear herself. These ideas were then taken to a workshop in Athens and came to life. She now works with experienced silversmiths and artisans in Athens.

Konstantina creates jewellery with the idea that every piece is timeless and can be passed down through generations. Her designs illustrate her passion for history and culture, taking inspiration from Antiquity and Greek mythology. She loves experimenting with different textures and giving them a vintage impression by using “old fashioned” chains. Every piece in every collection is completely unique.

 SS20 | Eros

Their Spring Sumer 20 collection is called “Eros” who is known in Greek mythology as the God of love and is the son of Aphrodite. 
“Ode” was essentially songs sung by dancers praising Ancient Gods or heroes. However Hermina’s meaning of Ode is the one that sings poems to summer lovers, dancers of nostalgic summer feelings for the end of a mystical season that feeds Eros and romance. 



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