CLED, which stands for Conscious Lifestyle Earth Friendly & Ethical Design is based in LA. Each piece of jewellery is handmade, using only recycled materials which are all completely unique. They were inspired by using discarded resources and repurposing them into new and treasured pieces, which reduces the impact on the environment without sacrificing the quality or design. A portion of their proceeds go to a charity. They select a new charity to donate to semiannually. 

Their SS20 collection is called Terrain and is inspired by the formation of the canyon terrain. Continuously inspired by nature, abstract molten forms and layers of glass that represents the distinct canyon formations and shades, while the essential gears of rope and hook used when scaling this enormous terrain are translated into metal forms to highlight the beauty of this plateau. 


Each piece is handmade with recycled materials and completely unique. From the beginning to the end of the design process they ensure materials are fully utilised to create distinctive wearable statements. They were inspired by using discarded resources and repurposing them into new treasured objects, which reduces the impact of the environment without sacrificing the quality or design. 
Why recycled glass?
In their efforts to reduce waste and plastic usage, they believe in reusing existing resources, or up-cycling. Glass can be easily found and is the material which can continuously be recycled with no change in durability or grade. The amount of glass bottles which are recycled is less than 40% with the rest going to landfills.
The production process:
Once the glass is collected, the first step is to purify it. The bottles and other shapes of glass are cleaned to ensure that residual contents and adhesives are removed. 
Next, the glass is cut and prepared to their raw materials. Glass is then heated and formed into the desired shapes. After the glass gem is formed, it is annealed to remove stresses and to increase the durability and hardness of the glass. 
Finally, after polishing the surface of the glass, the finished glass is incorporated into one of their pieces. 
Eco Gem Quality:
Our Eco Gems are all hand formed or fused in a high temperature and for that reason, inclusions, which are tiny impurities, or bubbles are trapped in the air, making each piece completely unique. This is not a defect but a natural phenomenon which makes our glass gem colours, shapes and sizes vary from one another.  



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