Ariana Boussard-Reifel Jewelry was born from a desire to explore the shapes of traditional tribal and ethnographic jewelry through the lens of sculptural modernism. By interpreting ancient design in a way that appeals to modern women we hope to open the conversation about the beauty of authentic ethnographic design as well a fuel native craftsmanship. They donate every month to the Toolbox initiative, which funds Tuareg Silversmiths in North Africa to keep their traditional and exquisite skills alive.

Ariana Boussard-Reifel believe in doing a lot with a little. They are a small business and intend to stay small and close to our craft. They are always seeking ways to minimize their ecological impact while maximizing social impact. In this crucial time, they firmly believe that their voice as citizens and humans must merge with our creative and business endeavors and they unapologetically commingle their ethics with their commerce across all platforms.

Current Collection

Their most recent collection 'Currents' is a mediation on migration. More than any of their collections before, it is inspired by pan-cultural references. Japanese plant-fiber fans merge with Peruvian nose ornaments, Ethiopian wedding rings rubs shoulders with Scandinavian modernism, all in Ariana’s sculptural and organic styles. 
This collection is dedicated in gratitude to millennia of migrants, both brave and desperate from Silk Road, to the Trail of Tears to our current caravan, who have uprooted their homes to enrich our global culture. 
A portion of the proceeds of this collection have been donated to the ACLU.


The brand believes in making jewellery one piece at a time, by hand in New York City.  They have a deep commitment to the earth and socially-conscious practices. They fabricate using nearly all recycled and reused materials, have a living wage production pledge and donate significantly to charities that fight for a more verdant, egalitarian and beautiful world.   They also pack using the least possible which means you will only receive a digital packing slip, products will be minimally boxed, and may even reuse packing materials.  They carbon offset their shipping by working with programs to plant trees. 



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