Anissa Kermiche is making a mark in the Fine Jewellery sphere with her eponymous line of designs, ranging from modern day pearls to beautifully sculpted earrings. 

A gifted academic at a young age, Anissa studied engineering and computer science, but after three years quit her job and threw herself headfirst into a Jewellery Studies course at Central Saint Martins before launching her line in 2016. 

Anissa’s broad yet considered range of pieces laud the bold and empowered women yet retain and innate sense of femininity, thanks to her use of raw lines, curves and circles. This represents the duality of her personality, there’s poetry in the geometry, sensuality in the construction and elegance in her confrontational approach to empowerment. 



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Peach Parfait Fine Jewellery Collection

 Morganite is the crown jewel of this collection. The beautiful peach coloured gem is one of Anissa’s favourites and ironically it is Morganite’s rarity that means the gemstone is affordable compared to Diamonds. It’s unconventional, delicate peach colour makes the stone a timeless classic, while still presenting a personality. Morganite is often associated with femininity, symbolising purity, love and romance.

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Period Drama Collection 

Inspired by Anissa’s new found obsession with British history and period dramas, each piece is named after a novel or film from the 17th-19th centuries, all of which were written or directed by women. A key feature of the collection is the use of garnets - associated with protection, underlying strength and increasing willpower. It was also discovered that garnets were frequently used for their healing properties for PMS. 

The collection features a range of adjustable vintage inspired rings cocktail rings, drop earrings and pendant necklace. All pieces are made from 14k yellow gold, freshwater pearls, diamonds and semi-precious stones including garnets, topaz and peridot. 

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Liberté, Égalité, Féminité Collection 

Inspired by the nostalgic sense of leaving her homeland France, Anissa create a collection celebrating her for France, Paris and it’s history. The first inspiration was the Franc (the old French currency) and she changed the national motto “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” to “Liberté, égalité, feminité” and adding a portrait of Lady Liberty, the national symbol for the French Republic. 

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Body Language Collection 

The Body Language Collection is a hymn to the power of women. It is a tribute to the female form and a reflection of the generation of successful and powerful women. The collection features the iconic Rubies Boobies, La Derriere and Precieux Pubis necklaces. 

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