MONDO MONDO is a jewellery and fragrance label based in Los Angeles. They provide a visual and sensual world inspired by archaic wonders and baroque ornamentation. Mondo Mondo, a name chosen for it’s cinematic undertones, utilises the ancient art of storytelling to guide their designs to fruition. Intrinsically archetypal, their pieces become both personal and universal. Mondo Mondo was founded in 2012 by designer and perfumer Natasha Ghosn. 


Brand Book



Summer & Smoke

A braid of sweet grass burns, its smoke lifting prayers of hope into the big sky. Wild flowers stand still under the heat of the Summer sun. Nothing moves except their honeyed scent.  

Notes: sweet grass, myrrh, incense, cedar wood, roman chamomile, lavender, coconut, clary sage 

The Center of the World 

At the same time ethereal and grounding, the center of the world can be seen as a mandala, a sacred tree or mountain, a cloud of smoke. It is that which connects the earth to the heavens. 


Notes: sandalwood, cedar, musk, sage, lotus blossom, elemi 


Here the Spirit of the Cowboy is represented as The Fool in this unisex fragrance. He is free, naive and fearless. You can find him sleeping peacefully under the stars. 

Notes: honeysuckle, grass, earth, tobacco, Texan cedar wood, cypress, leather, coffee 


A hot, sweaty, electric rose that will conjure an undeniable nostalgia for being a little brat. 

Notes: Bulgarian rose, rose de mai, saffron, musk 


She looks out of her window and watches the spinning jungle. Her tears suggest that she is either crying or laughing. 

 Notes: indian tuberose, Indian jasmine, palo Santo, coconut, sunscreen, musk 

I Like You In Velvet

In an iridescent cloud of iris and carrots I found my expression. Silk gloves, lipstick wax, silver like the movies. Ballet, Jazz and modern dance too.

Notes: Iris suede, incense, carrots, pale woods, white musk 

Patchouli Palace

I’ve been to every country. I’ve been to every stall in every market, every bazaar. I bring back jewels, silks and spices. Wherever I go, there I am.

Notes: patchouli, amber 

Available in 50ml EDP - $160 and 10ml Oil $77 

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