Los Objectos Decorativos (LOD), an objects range created by Rosa Rubio moves between the design of objects, the visual field and installation with the aim of creating a collection of lifestyle elements that are present on the daily scene. The essence is to create elements through the exploration of new materials and contemporary techniques, relying on artisanal production. 



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Ceramic Waves and Colour Collections 

The perpetual presence of nature confers on this collection, its value as a cultural model, its dynamism and its particular aesthetic. On one hand organisation and calculation, on the other connotation and ignorance; it is one and the same reality of the functional world. 

They have been created using modern prototyping techniques such as 3D modelling and CNC cutting and handcrafted produced by local artisans in Spain. 

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Glass Collection

This collection is an approach to the technique of glass work. For this purpose, Rosa the designer has been working with an artisan to understand the different techniques and examining the possibilities and limitations of the material in order to arrive at designs that follow the LOD aesthetic. The result is a series of sculptural pieces where the combination of the techniques forms a dual character between geometric and organic. 

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If you would like to request further information, imagery or samples please contact Aurora (aurora@japr.co.uk)   

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