Kamila Aubre is a Belgian-based artisan fragrance brand - her ethos is about creating a line of carefully-curated perfumes for the conscious consumer of today. Their ethos is about sustainability and storytelling: botanical perfumes must be savoured like a poem, rooted in the traditional pre-synthetic era of purity with storytelling, creating a unique fusion and eclecticism. 
KA fragrances are made of the highest quality natural raw materials and are formulated, blended and packed by hand in their Antwerp based studio. Kamila Aubre does not follow fragrance trends - instead, they are reviving the ritual and beauty of pure fragrances. 

Originally established as a skincare brand in 2015, it took four years to design and formulate a small collection of multifaceted and outstanding scents; drawing inspiration from art, literature and a slow pace of living. 

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Thunder, a blast of wind, damp moss, the first heavy drops of late Spring shower, dust rising up into the air, fresh leafage, moist bark, shadowy animals and obscure treasures of earth. 

Villanelle blends a pastoral theme with an obsessive dark image of the subject 

Fragrance Character: resinous, earthy, green 

Notes: bergamot, marjoram, lavender, clary safe, vetiver, frankincense 

Sonnet 98

The scent of earth, leafage, roots, soil and morning dew drops…Reflecting on time, change ageing, list and love.

Sonnet 98 blends natural and human life cycles, creating elusive poetic ‘figures of delight’ of the main character….

Fragrance Character: woody, herbaceous, lemony 

Notes: sage, basil, thyme, may chang, cypress, geranium, olibanum, vetiver 

Summer 1928

Rich and mellow, made of wild flowers, dreams, nostalgic moments…bitter floral, honey and tea like, with a touch of golden apples and heady Summer noons, dandelion wine is an epitome of our childhood days. ‘June dawns, July Noons, August evenings…

Fragrance Character: warm floral, balmy, slightly tart and spicy, creamy 

Notes: white champaca, ginger, bergamot, lavender, green cognac 


The perfume is a study of the music genre and it’s place in arts. From Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith, to Nina Simone and Diana Krall, the scent encompasses a complex blend of female artists who express themselves in one common language: Jazz. Ella&Lil is about classic early blues, reading, writing, singing and playing jazz. Balancing on the verge of music and verse, the scent embodies an endless epoch, a female voice in jazz. 

Fragrance Character: dry, slightly smoky and bitter, powdery 

Notes: black tea, cardamom, black pepper, cloves, cocoa, coffee, porcini, 

botanical leather

Gloire de Dijon

An epitome of delicate woman’s skin, contemplation of sensuous beauty, reflection of frailty of a moment, impetuous and languid at the same time…Gloire de Dijon is a combination of subtle tea rose accords and dark earth nuances, soft rosy and beige, the colour of pristine skin as a woman wakes up….

Inspired by elusive female portraits as captured by D.H. Lawrence in the Gloire de Dijon poem and nude series by A.Modigliani 

Fragrance Character: soft, tea-like, floral 

Notes: rooibos, white tea, white rose, copes, orris, vetiver 


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Available in 8.5ml Travel Spray, 15ml Stoppered, 30ml Spray, 100ml Stoppered

If you would like to request further information, imagery or samples please contact Aurora (aurora@japr.co.uk) or Amy (amy@japr.co.uk

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