The duo designer Xiaoyu Zhang and Min Li were graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts(CAFA) in 2012 in Beijing and established YVMIN studio together right after. During the time, Xiaoyu Zhang has been invited to attend “The Marzee International Graduate Show 2012” from Marzee Gallery in the Netherlands.

YVMIN launched the first jewellery collection in 2013 and has accomplished sixteen main collections and series of collaborations.

The brand unveils the artistic and romantic character of modern jewellery. It combines untraditional materials and experimental ways of wearing into each collection which create a knowledgeable and fashionable nature of YVMIN jewellery.

YVMIN has always considered itself as a body-decoration lab rather than a fashion brand, to explore every connection between body and beauty as far as possible.

January 08, 2020 by JA PR